Taste WG

Taste WG (Williamsburg Greenpoint) is an annual outdoor food festival that celebrates North Brooklyn’s local flavor. TasteWG and Nice Think, the creative agency who connected me with TasteWG, hired me to create their website. They needed a robust website with the backend capabilities to edit the participating restaurants, edit the sponsored partners, ticket prices, and event photos on a yearly basis done by their in house employees.

Our team built the site 7 years ago, and Taste WG has been able to run the site completely independently for the entire time.

AMC Press & Co

AMC Press & Co is a comedy group created by comics with Autism that joke about international news and disability news. They are the only satirically disabled podcast in the world.

AMC Press & Co hired our team to redesign their website that was already running on WordPress. They wanted to be able to embed their podcast episodes on their website on their own so they could provide new content to their listeners as soon as possible.


THE FENCE is an outdoor photography exhibition series with an annual audience of more than 3 million visitors organized by United Photo Industries. I customized a WordPress Theme for THE FENCE.



Photoville is a photography festival that uses shipping containers as individual art galleries. I coded a customized a WordPress theme for their website.